Just Setting Up

Hello everyone.  I have changed the name of my blog and hat line to



I was temporarily using HeathersHatStyle until I came up with a name that really represented me and what I am doing.  This name is a tribute all the things I love and one of my fave books of all time The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as well as one of my fave movies Bell, Book and Candle.  I want to create a place to remind us of the magic of life and good overcoming bad.  A place where style is more important than trends.  A place where my loves come to light.  A place where  I can express myself and gifts to you.  So I am just getting started and with all the political stress of the last few weeks, I need to take a breath to be able to finish this set up and blog on.  I am also creating a new mag to go along with this blogzine.  So keep checking back and I will get it together.  You can visit my new Etsy Shop as well.


Heather Leigh Sonrisa


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