Hat Hair Cosmetics – Modern Vintage Style

Starting a new segment so let me get going. This is my first HatHairCosmetics. Today I am doing a Modern Vintage Style by of 1940s. Let me get to my fave part- the hat. This lovely tilt hat is a cream poly felt with bronze glitter pops of sparkle. My Inspo is the 1940s Doll Hats. You too can get this hat style n my HeatherModeWardrobe.etsy.com Shop in the DollFace Hat Collection.  They set on top & tilted; therefore, they are not sized. A hair comb on underside keeps it on without interfering with a great hairstyle. 

For my 1940s hairstyle, I used Schwarzkopf Crystal Shine Hair Spray. It’s a promo but hey l love their products. Alot of hairsprays leave a film over hair that can dull especially if you have blonde or red hair. This spray let’s hair shine through with great hold. And the scent is sexy. For the style, use med plastic rollers on dampened ends. Let set for about 30 minutes & use hair dryer for about two minutes focusing on rolled hair. Take them out & lightly spray. Then turn head over and slightly puff with fingers. Then with fingers & spray fluff style.

For a modern simple 1940s look, these are fantastic products to get a 1940s vintage look.  Merle Norman, Besame, Mally & Lili Lolo are the promo prods I used for this look. The great thing about these are they give the look & don’t irritate. 

There you have it. A fun modern way to use HatHairCosmetics to dress up a modern look vintage style. 


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