Windy Winter Day Style with A Sleek Plaid Fashion Cap

Off to one my fave places wherever I may go, the Library. My big seam flare jeans with yellow t-shirt, black sweater hack & black HM Jacket hack with my comfy black suede mocassins.

 For a casual blustery day, I put my hair in a ponytail mid way up and chose a warm Shetland Wool Plaid hat in navy, black & burnt orange to keep it cute & cas. Fun caps with a sleek style are great to throw on when the weather is windy and funky plaid colors add a nice winter playful attitude. The nice colors warm up the skin too.  I created this hat from a commercial pattern about 10 years ago when I was first learning to make sewn hats. I made several since for peeps. Thinking about creating my own pattern with a bit more vintage style.  Fashion caps are great way to add hatstyle in winter instead of beanies. 


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