Early Fall Felt Hat Trends You’ll Love

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Ah the beginning of cold weather.  Fall is coming and that means FELT HATS.  I love felt Millinery.  It looks great and it’s fantastic to work with as a Milliner.  So I scanned my Millinery online go to faves for some Fall Hat Style Trends in rich felts.  These looks are classic with a bit of whimsy.  Boaters in modern colors to Western style are big.  Wear these with jeans to Western bohemian looks.  Fisherman style caps are spot on for running around town and warm too.  Deep set hats to skimmers are fun bonnet style.  Fedoras are more Stylized and worn dressy on tilt. For day to night party wear Halo Half hat and for day to night cocktail wear tilt pillbox.  The trend is classic with quirky.  Hat color palette is Dusky to gem tones bust keep them classic too.


Heather Leigh Watson


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