Millinery Trends for 2017 from Downunder

Just read a splendid post about Millinery Hat trends for 2017.  A beautiful racing fashion Blogger from Australia interviews Milliners about their style and what they think are the new haute styles coming for 2017.  To read and see the exciting new hat styles which as a milliner I believe will be smashing for 2017-2018 click link below.

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Haute Hats n Old Hollywood

Myrna Loy and William Powell light up the silver screen with their chemistry. It’s their witty one liners that bring Nick and Nora Charles alive & their facial expressions that add the sizzle. However, for me it’s the hats that take the spotlight.

Myrna Loy looked divine in sexy humorous haute hats. You have to wear it and not let it wear you.

She’s comfortable looking high style and her hats top off her on screen style. I love these 1930 style hats she wore in Thin Man movies(all prints for sale on eBay). The skimming but head hugging styles are a lovely look. I usually love perch styles but these types of fashion hats really emaniate an understated sex appeal which was Loy’s appeal. A bit houghty and mischievous suited Myrna Loy and these styles of hats were an extension of her & the character.

Vintage Style Turban Given A Modern Twist

I love the turbans women wore in the 1930s – 1950s. They were super chic & pretty. They wore them with pants & dresses from casual to dressy. I created a sexy flirty felt fascinator that has a turban style but Uber modern look & fit. This version is easier to style & wear.

I call this headpiece The Hello Honey Turban Style Headpiece. It’s fascinator & turban combo. On the inside, I attached a hair comb for easily styling to your hair & wearing it with ease. This style fits lightly on top of head and can be worn many different ways from top to sides. 

In the feature, I wear it more hip modern with jeans but it can be worn with vintage style pants, skirts & dresses. See & purchase it in the Etsy Shop